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Experienced and passionate about what we do, the highly skilled team at Prodigy Constructions & Roofing NT is committed to delivering excellence on every project. Based in Darwin, we have developed a reputation for being leaders in roofing and cladding throughout the Northern Territory.

Specialising in residential, commercial and industrial roofing services for many different buildings and facilities, our focus is on providing work of exceptional quality. High level quality control is a key element to the way we work, ensuring every installation is designed to last, maintaining its integrity over time.
Construction Silhouette — Roofing & Cladding In Pinelands, NT


Our knowledge and understanding of traditional and contemporary methods gives us the ability to choose the most effective technique for each job, providing innovative solutions on-time and on budget.

Our clients and our community are our first priority. Our proactive approach to health and safety is embedded in our culture, our systems and how we carry out our daily business. Our team is trained in all industry relevant safety requirements and has proven expertise in working in highly regulated environments.
Replacing tired and aged roofing and guttering on your home has great aesthetic and safety benefits for the whole property, providing a fresh look that elevates the building. Prodigy Constructions & Roofing NT can help with a range of roof, gutter and cladding services for new installations and replacements.
We provide a wide range of roofing and guttering services for all types of commercial buildings, from complex multi-storey dwellings to warehouses and government facilities of all sizes. Professional and experienced, our expertise extends to working with compressed fibro facades, wall cladding, vapour barriers and other materials.
At Prodigy Constructions & Roofing NT, we have completed more than 1000 roof intallations for Defence Housing since 2003. All products and services for private and public works are fully compliant with state regulations and requirements for construction health and safety.



The team do a great job. They have been contracting for sometime now with Abode New Homes and are a great part of the team. Always willing to set the standards high to achieve a quality finish and get the job done fast. Thanks for your care factor!!
Abode New Homes
Excellent service from start to finish. The outcome looks really great too. Michael went above and beyond keeping me updated on status and even organising my antenna to be reinstalled. Highly recommend!
Melissa G.